Biden memes

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Joseph Robinette Biden, an American politician and 46th as well as current president of the U.States, was born on November 20, 1942. He is a Democrat and formerly served as President Barack Obama’s 47th v president from 2009 to 2017. From 1973 until 2000, he led Delaware in the US Senate.

President Biden was among the youngest senators ever elected when he was 29 years old. Biden wed Jill Jacobs in 1977, and their family was complete with the addition of Ashley Blazer Biden in 1980. Jill, a lifetime educator, returned to the classroom as an English professor at college in Virginia after receiving her PhD in education.

Beau Biden, the eldest son of Joe Biden and the attorney general of Delaware, died in 2015 after fighting Brain cancer using the same moral fibre, bravery, and fortitude he displayed every day of his life.


President Biden developed himself as a leader in addressing some of our country’s most significant domestic and international concerns throughout his 36 years as a senator from Delaware. Biden is well known for his work on the writing and leadership of the Violence Against Women Act, the landmark piece of legislation that toughens punishments for violence against women, develops unheard-of resources for assault survivors, and shifts the national conversation on domestic and sexual abuse. Biden served as Chairman or Ranker Senator from Delaware Oversight Committee for 16 years.

The United States’ 47th vice president

As vice president, Biden continued to take the lead on important national issues and represented America abroad. Vice President Biden coordinated with Congress, directed interagency projects, and presided over sessions of the President’s Cabinet. In his struggle to improve the standard of living for middle-class Americans, lessen gun violence, combat violence toward women, and put an end to cancer as we know it.

The Recovery Act, the most comprehensive economic recovery programme in our country’s history and our greatest and firmest commitment to renewable energy, was passed with the assistance of Vice President Biden, who then oversaw its implementation.

Last week gave the Biden administration new life. The killing of al-Qaida commander Ayman al-Zawahiri by CIA drone strike; the significant decline of gas prices; the unexpectedly strong increase in job growth; Kansas voters’ resounding rejection of an anti-abortion ballot initiative; and, among many other legislative triumphs, the revival of President Joe Biden’s expansive Build Back Better action plan in the form of the Wage growth Mitigation Act, which would lower prescription drug costs and make hi-tech medical devices more affordable.

These are only a couple of the difficult issues that the “Dark Brandon” meme’s emergence has made us confront. The meme, which started as a satirical twist on the already comical “Let’s Go Brandon” joke from the right (basically, it’s code for “Fuck Joe Biden”), has been used by Democrats in recent weeks, including various lawmakers and White House members of staff. Attempts to recover “Let’s Go Brandon” for the left have utterly failed, but the “Dark Brandon” variation recently gained popularity.

You may have recently noticed Dark Brandon on several websites: he’s a laser-eyed Joseph Biden who typically appears in the form of a vintage lolcats picture macro and usually makes some allusion to defeating some sort of nonsense.

The meme has gained a lot of traction in the previous two weeks, gaining steam and making right-wing celebrities like Ben Shapiro fun of it while other posters claim the liberals wrecked their meme. Many Biden supporters, however, have enthusiastically embraced and ran with the idea despite its dubious provenance and any potential for embarrassment, especially given that Biden has recently been riding a wave of policy victories.

Joe Biden is an extremely unassuming public person. It’s unexpected how memorable he is.

Since the “Deplorables” era of Trump memes in 2015–2016, images created by his followers have conjured up the previous president as a hormonally Rambo-style warrior, intrepidly riding tanks or enormous bald eagles toward a bombastic victory so over libs, banners waving. Across all online fluency levels, this type of imagery has consistently benefited Trump and his fans. That’s because a lot of their theory and methods rely on coded speech, red herrings, and a grandiose style that blends well with comedy you can never be certain is genuine. Whether or not you read it ironically, it still works.

Joe Biden, in comparison, has had a more pliable reputation in online culture for a long time. The internet adored him as a lovable sidekick while he served as v.president during the Obama presidency. An everyman with a ponytail who enjoyed Dude Things like motorbikes, fiddling with Trans Am, and temporarily cooling his feet in Mexico, The Onion notably promoted a parody, spruced version of Biden known as “Diamond Joe.”

Although Biden’s public character in the Obama period was somewhere between a neighbourly Dad and a dril tweet, throughout his presidential campaign, Biden’s followers didn’t seem to be motivated to memefy him. On the other side, his adversaries quickly outdid them by labelling him “Creepy Uncle Joe.”

When he tweeted a “Dark Brandon” joke earlier this week, White House assistant secretary general Andrew Bates raised the issue of whether the Nazi reichsadler—an eagle that was a component of the German coat of arms—had been appropriated. Tobin Stone, who created the meme, said to the Daily Dot as well as Washington Post that he had used a typical American eagle and that it was not based on Nazi imagery