Blooket? It’s easy if you do it smart

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Definition of Blooket

It is an educational software with gamification features. This blends questions and answers in the form of quizzes with enjoyable skill activities that learners get to play while responding to the questions.

History of Blooket

Senior Ben Stewart along with Tom developed this platform. Ben has claimed in the Blooket Discord Server that he developed Blooket in high school because he became tired OF ALL OLD BACKWARD METHOD OF LEARNING and believed he could do better. Blooket was challenging for Ben Stewart to design. In reality, when he originally began creating Blooket, he had no knowledge of website coding. Ben Stewart created Tower Defense in a year.

How does it work?

With simply their email address, teachers can quickly and easily create a free account at Blooket (opens in new tab). Using completely bespoke constructs or pre-built questions, games can be made right away.

sets is perfect since it means that when students chose to play, learning resources are ready to go so they may advance at their own pace.

Play Store

In play store, we can also

Download, Blooket, through

Which we can increase our

IQ level and improve our skills.

Is this free plat form?

Blooket offers three different subscription

tiers as well as group pricing depending

on quotations.

You can build and host games, access

special game modes, search question sets,

 and make an infinite number of sets and revisions with the Free tier.

  • If you choose Plus, you’ll also get upgraded

game logs, early event participation,

special features, student bonus points,

 copy set options, and priority assistance

for $2.99 per month, billed annually at $35.88.

  • You can also choose Plus Flex, which comes

 with all the benefits listed above but also

allows you to pay monthly and quit at any

moment, for $4.99 each month.

Pros and cons of blooket


It is a platform…

  • To motivate students
  • Teach effortlessly
  • Customize freely
  • Where teacher can adjust question optionally
  • Where teachers can also select standardize available stuff
  • Bonus, rewards, coins make students to do work on time and complete their assignments to be prominent in classroom
  • To attract student that gives courage to learn again and again.
  • Can change the speed of game
  • Where can students approach at any time, at any place or on any device they just have to join with the help of provided codes by their teacher
  • Where there is restriction of age


It seems that Blooket is an easiest way to learn that is actually right but still it also have negative impact i.e when learners can sit on same place hourly, it make them more chubby as well as effect on their eyes.