Inspiration Africa

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Inspiration Africa – A Tribute to the Beauty of Africa

Inspiration Africa‘ is a new Swarovski jewelry collection dedicated to celebrating the beauty of Africa. Its three pieces – ‘Ivory Moon’, ‘Fairy Stone’, and ‘Stone Angel’ – have been created in collaboration with women from Africa. The collection celebrates the many aspects of African culture, as well as the importance of investing in the development of young women and girls in Africa.

Investing in the development of young African girls and women

Investing in the development of young African girls and women is crucial, not just for the advancement of their futures, but for their economic independence. By giving them the skills and resources needed to support their families, women can help contribute to national economic growth.

Numerous organizations are focusing on this issue. One of them is She’s The First, which offers mentorship and life skills training to young girls in the community. It also helps them in school, providing them with school supplies and tuition fees.

Another organization is the Girls Opportunity Alliance, which aims to educate more girls. It has several programs across Africa. It also announced CAMFED as its latest collaborator.

CAMFED works to support vulnerable girls across Africa. It has programs in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, and Ghana. It also supports young girls in schools, providing them with sanitary protection and mentors.

CAMFED’s model is unique, focusing on girls and women to tackle poverty. It works with communities to create a better educational environment for millions of students. The organization also helps young girls overcome obstacles to education and training.

Another organization is the Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa, which is based in Mauritania, Mali, and Nigeria. It works across the continent to develop young women leaders.

Swarovski’s ‘Inspiration of Africa’ Trilogy

Among the myriad offerings in Swarovski’s award-winning collection, the Inspiration of Africa trio deserves a close inspection. While it may not be the company’s newest creation, it is among the most prestigious. It was also the first to bear the Swarovski name. Nevertheless, it is the most difficult to acquire for reasons that abound. Fortunately, it is also one of the least expensive. The enigma is that a significant number of collectors have not had the opportunity to acquire it. This is a shame, given the enviable perks it has to offer. Fortunately, we have several such aficionados who are willing to share. We hope you’ll join our happy band. If you are interested in this particular offering, please contact us via our contact form. We’ll be glad to discuss the possibilities with you. Until the next time, have a happy new year! You can also use the comment box to submit a request to be added to our waiting list. This will enable us to serve you better in the coming months.

Inspire! Africa Obsidian Award

Using the National Endowment for the Art’s $25k grant, Obsidian: Literature and Arts in the African Diaspora are embarking on a two-year journey into the heart of the arts. Their mission is to foster the creative spirit of Black creatives and the African diaspora at large. In addition to the mainstays, Obsidian is also collaborating with the Poetry Foundation, Rootwork Gallery, and the Furious Flower Poetry Center to create a folio of performance scripts for use in theatrical productions and workshops.

Obsidian’s mission is to create an award-worthy collection of the best and brightest among us. Their current roster of luminaries includes a slew of world-class scholars, artists, and activists who are devoted to the cause. The organization is also a driving force behind the promotion of human rights throughout the African diaspora and has a long history of helping the underprivileged, including many survivors of Rwanda’s genocide.

The organization has also racked up an impressive list of accolades and awards over the years. Among them are several awards and accolades courtesy of the Illinois Arts Council Agency, which includes the organization’s first-ever Distinguished Achievement Award. In addition, the organization has been recognized by the Community for Literary Magazines and Presses.