Discover Girona’s Hidden Charms- Your Ultimate Girona Tourist Guide

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Investigate the captivating city of Girona Tourist Guide with this far-reaching local area expert. Reveal unlikely treasures, insider tips, and replies to every one of your inquiries regarding this dazzling objective.


Settled in the core of Catalonia, Girona is a beautiful city overflowing with verifiable, social, and normal fortunes. Its cobblestone roads, old structures, and beguiling air make it an unexpected, yet invaluable treasure for explorers looking for a bona fide experience. In this extensive aid, we will disclose the secret charms of Girona, give insider bits of knowledge, and assist you with arranging a remarkable excursion. From the priority marvels to secret hideouts, this guide has everything.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1. Girona Tourist Guide – Unveiling Hidden Gems
2. Girona Tourist Guide – Explore with a Local’s Insight
3. Girona Tourist Guide – Off the Beaten Path in Girona
4. Girona Tourist Guide – Discover the Enchanting Side
5. Must-See Wonders of Girona
6. Discovering Girona’s Hidden Charms
7. Girona’s Secret Hideaways
8. Unearth Girona’s Charms with Insider Tips
9. Hidden Gems of Girona Handbook
10. FAQs

Girona Tourist Guide – Unveiling Hidden Gems

Girona, a city with a rich history tracing back to Roman times, brings more going on than might be immediately obvious. While numerous vacationers run to notorious sights like the Girona Church building and the pleasant houses along the Onyar Stream, unlikely treasures are ready to be found in the core of the city.

One of the most charming unlikely treasures in Girona is the Sant Martí Sacosta Church. This Romanesque-style church is a genuine engineering wonder and offers a brief look into the city’s far-off past. Its perplexing plan and quiet vibe make it a peaceful spot to visit, away from the clamoring vacation regions.

On the off chance that you’re keen on history, the Historical Center of Jewish History is a must-visit. It’s concealed in the core of the Old Quarter, and it’s devoted to protecting the set of experiences and culture of the Jewish people group that once flourished in Girona. The gallery’s displays give an intriguing understanding of the city’s multicultural legacy.

For a sample of Girona’s energetic workmanship scene, try to visit the Craftsmanship Historical Center. This unexpected, yet invaluable treasure houses a striking assortment of Catalan and European workmanship, crossing different periods. The gallery frequently has brief presentations that exhibit contemporary ability, making it a unique social center point.

Girona is additionally known for its secret yards, known as “porches.” These enchanting spaces are dissipated all through the city, frequently covered behind unpretentious entryways. Step into one, and you’ll end up in a quiet desert garden of vegetation and serenity. These decks are ideally suited for peacefulness away from the clamoring roads.

As you investigate these unlikely treasures, remember to enjoy nearby cooking. Girona’s unexpected, yet invaluable treasures aren’t restricted to verifiable destinations; they likewise incorporate brilliant bistros and cafés that offer a sample of genuine Catalan dishes. Whether you’re relishing a conventional fish paella or getting a charge out of tapas at a neighborhood bistro, the culinary diamonds of Girona are essentially as captivating as its verifiable fortunes.

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Girona Tourist Guide – Explore with a Local’s Insight

Investigating Girona with a nearby’s knowledge is an encounter like no other. The city’s rich history, lively culture, and secret insider facts show signs of life when you’re directed by somebody who knows it inside and out.

To comprehend Girona, it’s fitting to join a directed visit driven by an enthusiastic neighborhood. These aides have cozy information on the city’s set of experiences, its secret fortunes, and its cutting-edge engagement. They’ll take you on an excursion through the winding roads and offer enamoring stories that rejuvenate the city.

One of the most engaging parts of investigating Girona with a neighborhood is the potential chance to visit stowed-away places that manuals frequently ignore. While the Girona Church and the Middle Easterner Showers are surely should-see attractions, a neighborhood guide can take you to less popular spots like the Plaça del Vi. This pleasant square is encircled by enchanting bistros and is an optimal spot to appreciate espresso while noticing the city’s routine.

Nearby aides can likewise assist you with investigating Girona’s culinary enjoyments. They know the best places to enjoy legitimate Catalan food. Whether it’s enjoying smooth crema catalana or tasting a glass of nearby wine, a neighborhood guide can acquaint you with the flavors that characterize Girona.

While investigating with a nearby’s knowledge, you’ll get within scoop on Girona’s celebrations and customs. For instance, during the Temps de Flors (Blossom Celebration), local people embellish their homes and organizations with lively flower shows, changing the city into a brilliant wonderland. With a neighborhood guide, you’ll observe this display as well as grasp the social importance behind it.

Besides, local people frequently have a profound association with the city’s distinctive items. Girona is well known for its distinctive chocolates, which are carefully created by neighborhood chocolatiers. A neighborhood guide can take you to the secret chocolate shops where you can test these flavorful treats and find out about the respected practices that go into making them.

Girona Tourist Guide - Explore with a Local's Insight

Girona Tourist Guide – Off the Beaten Path in Girona

While Girona’s principal attractions are without a doubt enthralling, the city uncovers its actual quintessence when you adventure outside of what might be expected. Investigating less popular areas, verifiable destinations, and neighborhood markets is the way to encounter a valid Girona.

Begin your outside of what might be an expected experience with a visit to Sant Daniel, a quiet area simply a short stroll from the downtown area. This beguiling region is home to the Cloister of Sant Daniel, a Romanesque jewel encompassed by rich nurseries. It’s a quiet departure from the clamoring city and gives a brief look into Girona’s otherworldly history.

One more secret fortune in Girona is the Mercat del Lleó. This neighborhood market is where you can submerge yourself in the routine of the city’s occupants. Walk around the market’s paths, and you’ll track down new produce, distinctive cheeses, and nearby wines, and that’s just the beginning. It’s the best spot to get a few true Catalan fixings and perhaps take part in a well-disposed discussion with the merchants.

For an interesting point of view on Girona, go for a stroll along the Passeig de la Muralla. This all-around safeguarded archaic wall encloses the Old Town, and it’s frequently neglected by vacationers. The all-encompassing perspectives on the city and the encompassing wide open are stunning. You can likewise investigate stowed-away corners and pinnacles along the wall that proposition detached spots to take in the view.

Girona is home to different secret yards, known as “decks,” which are covered behind unpretentious entryways. These unlikely treasures are often calm and confined, offering a quiet departure from the groups. The Porch de la Inquisición is one such secret patio, with its lovely passages and quiet feel.

As you meander through the less popular roads of Girona, you’ll run over special stores and workmanship exhibitions that feature the city’s innovativeness. From handcrafted specialties to contemporary workmanship, these unlikely treasures are ideally suited for keepsake shopping and valuing Girona’s creative side.

To embrace the nearby culture, think about feasting at neighborhood eateries. These restaurants offer a sample of credible Catalan food away from the traveler’s swarms. Attempt customary dishes like “coca,” a flavorful cake finished off with occasional fixings, or “standards,” a Catalan interpretation of stuffed pasta.

Girona Tourist Guide - Discover the Enchanting Side

Girona Tourist Guide – Discover the Enchanting Side

Girona is a city with many countenances, however, one of its most charming viewpoints is uncovered during the night. As the sun sets, the city takes on an enchanted air, changing into a heartfelt and dream-like objective.

An ideal spot to begin your charming excursion is the Passeig de la Muralla, the middle-aged city wall. The night sun projects a warm, brilliant sparkle on the stone walls and pinnacles, making a stunning air. Walk around the wall’s walkway and relish the all-encompassing perspectives on Girona as the city lights sparkle.

For a dash of sentiment, go for a relaxed stroll along the Onyar Waterway. The bright houses covering the riverbanks are reflected in the water, making an enrapturing identical representation. As the night sets in, the houses are enlightened, projecting a pleasant and captivating scene. This spot is ideally suited for a heartfelt night walk or a peaceful snapshot of consideration.

Quite possibly one of the most charming experiences you can have in Girona is eating at a housetop café. With the city spread out before you and the stars above, you’ll partake in a novel point of view of Girona’s appeal. Request a glass of nearby wine and enjoy Catalan food as you lounge in the captivating climate of the city.

If you end up visiting Girona during one of its celebrations, like the Temps de Flors (Blossom Celebration) or the Girona Bloom Time, you’re in for an additional portion of charm. The city wakes up with energetic botanical showcases and creative establishments. The roads and squares are changed into a brilliant wonderland, making a fantasy-like air.

The Old Town of Girona is likewise where charm can be tracked down everywhere. The thin roads, cobblestone back streets, and secret patios are perfectly enlightened at night, summoning a feeling of marvel and sentimentality. Investigating the Old Town after dim is like venturing into a fantasy.

Girona’s captivating side isn’t restricted to its design and view; it’s additionally present in the glow and accommodation of its kind. Local people are known for their cordial and inviting nature, and drawing in with them over a glass of nearby wine or tapas can prompt remarkable experiences and associations.

Girona Tourist Guide - Discover the Enchanting Side

Must-See Wonders of Girona

Girona is a city of miracles, where history, culture, and design meet up to make an enrapturing experience. To see the value in the city’s embodiment completely, you should investigate its high-priority ponders.

The Girona House of God, otherwise called the Basilica of Holy Person Mary of Girona, is a genuine show-stopper of Catalan Gothic design. Its development started in the eleventh 100 years and went on for a considerable length of time, bringing about a mix of engineering styles. The basilica’s veneer is enhanced with many-sided stone carvings, and its inside includes a staggering nave, a Gothic house, and an embroidery exhibition hall. Remember to climb the basilica’s pinnacle for all-encompassing perspectives on the city.

One of Girona’s most notorious elements is its middle-age city walls. These walls, which circle the Old Town, date back to the Roman time frame and were subsequently extended during the Medieval times. They give an interesting viewpoint of Girona’s set of experiences and an ideal vantage to highlight respect for the city’s engineering and encompassing scene.

The Middle Easterner Showers, situated in the core of the Old Town, offer a brief look into the city’s Moorish past. These very much-saved showers highlight a focal vault and a progression of rooms with mind-boggling star-formed openings, which permit regular light. The Middle Easterner Showers are a demonstration of the city’s multicultural legacy.

For workmanship lovers, the Craftsmanship Exhibition Hall of Girona is a must-visit. Housed in a previous Episcopal Royal residence, the gallery’s assortment incorporates Catalan and European workmanship spreading over different periods. From Romanesque frescoes to pioneer show-stoppers, the exhibition hall offers a different creative excursion. It regularly has transitory displays that exhibit contemporary ability, making it a powerful social center.

Girona’s Jewish Quarter, or El Call, is another authentic fortune. It’s perhaps one of the best-protected Jewish quarters in Europe and gives bits of knowledge into the existence of the city’s middle-aged Jewish people group. Investigate its thin rear entryways, visit the Jewish History Historical Center, and find the rich social legacy of Girona’s Jewish populace.

One of the most captivating spots in Girona is the Plaça de la Independència. This vivacious square is encircled by beguiling bistros, cafés, and stores. It’s a great spot to sit and partake in espresso and human watch. The square’s focal bloom market adds to its appeal, and it frequently has far-reaching developments and road exhibitions.

Another priority fascination is the University Church of Sant Feliu. This Romanesque church is committed to the Holy person Felix, Girona’s benefactor holy person. It’s known for its delightful exterior, shocking inside, and verifiable importance. The congregation likewise houses the burial place of the Holy person Narcissus, one more significant figure in Girona’s set of experiences.

To completely see the value in Girona’s miracles, think about taking a directed visit. Nearby aides can give important experiences into the set of experiences and culture of the city, upgrading your visit and extending how you might interpret these wonderful attractions.

Discovering Girona’s Hidden Charms

Girona is a city that welcomes you to investigate its secret charms, which stretch out a long way past its notable attractions. As you dive further into the city, you’ll uncover a universe of contemporary workmanship, culinary pleasures, and social fortunes that are many times hidden on display.

Begin your process by investigating Girona’s lively craftsmanship scene. The city is home to various workmanship displays and social focuses that exhibit a different scope of creative articulations. Whether you’re energetic about contemporary workmanship, old-style compositions, or models, Girona has something to fulfill each imaginative sense of taste.

The Craftsmanship Exhibition hall of Girona, situated in a previous Episcopal Royal residence, is a gold mine of Catalan and European workmanship. Its assortment traverses different periods, from Romanesque and Gothic to Elaborate and Pioneer. You’ll experience works by famous specialists and find the development of imaginative styles throughout the long term. The gallery much of the time has transitory shows that feature contemporary ability, guaranteeing there’s continuously a genuinely new thing to investigate.

For admirers of the performing expressions, Girona offers a variety of social encounters. The city has shows, theater creations, and dance exhibitions in different settings over time. Check the neighborhood occasion schedule to get a live show and drench yourself in Girona’s dynamic social scene.

Girona’s culinary scene is one more secret appeal ready to be found. While the city is well known for its conventional Catalan food, it’s likewise a center point for inventive and present-day gastronomy. Investigate nearby business sectors to track down new fixings and rarities, or feast at cafés that mix customary flavors with contemporary turns.

Catalan food is eminent for its fish dishes, and Girona is no special case. Attempt “suquet de peix,” an angler’s stew, or enjoy new fish at a waterfront café. Remember to coordinate your dinner with nearby wines, which are commended for their quality and variety.

Notwithstanding its specialty and food scene, Girona flaunts a rich social legacy. The city’s set of experiences is very much saved in its design, including Roman and Moorish impacts. Investigate the Old Town’s cobblestone roads, stowed-away yards, and verifiable structures to get a feeling of Girona’s past. The Jewish Quarter, or El Call, is especially entrancing, as it’s quite possibly the best-safeguarded Jewish quarter in Europe.

Girona’s secret charms are additionally uncovered in its energetic celebrations and customs. The Temps de Flors (Bloom Celebration), held yearly in May, changes the city into a botanical wonderland. The roads and squares are embellished with bright botanical presentations, making a dazzling and Instagram-commendable exhibition.

Another enrapturing occasion is the Girona Blossom Time, a one-of-a-kind festival of craftsmanship and blossoms. It’s a valuable chance to see imaginative establishments and innovative flower plans dispersed all through the city, adding a hint of sorcery to your visit.

Discovering Girona's Hidden Charms

Girona’s Secret Hideaways

Girona is a city with a magnificent mystery: its secret hideouts. Past the very much trampled vacationer ways, these segregated spots offer harmony, serenity, and a feeling of closeness with the city. They are the ideal retreats for those trying to get away from the buzzing about and find Girona’s more personal side.

One of the city’s tricks of the trade is the Nursery of the Alemanys. Concealed in the core of the Old Town, this unlikely treasure is a rich desert spring of vegetation and quiet. A walk around its enchanting nursery pathways uncovers extremely old trees, quiet wellsprings, and fragrant sprouts. It’s the best spot to track down comfort and a calm snapshot of reflection.

Assuming that you’re investigating the Old Town, look out for the Sant Nicolau Square. This curious square, enhanced with verdant trees, includes an enchanting church and a casual environment. It’s an enticing spot to have some time off from your investigations and partake in the city’s serene climate.

For a sample of history and secret magnificence, visit the Pont de Pedra, or Stone Extension. While it’s an unmistakable milestone, numerous guests disregard the peaceful nursery concealed under. This beautiful nursery offers a special viewpoint on the scaffold and the Onyar Stream, with tranquil perspectives on the water and bright houses.

The Sant Llorenç Church Patio is another mysterious hideout worth finding. Situated in the core of the Old Town, a serene and charming spot permits you to step back in time. The patio’s design and mood inspire a feeling of history and give an interesting point of view on Girona’s social legacy.

For a genuinely isolated encounter, consider investigating the city’s encompassing open country. The rich scenes of the Girona region are specked with stowed-away places where you can associate with nature. From pleasant climbing trails to peaceful lakes and forested slopes, there are various chances to get away from the city and track down isolation.

With regards to feasting, Girona’s secret hideouts offer cozy settings for a noteworthy dinner. Search out nearby eateries concealed in enchanting squares, patios, or authentic structures. Feasting in these secret spots permits you to partake in the city’s cuisine and have a great time in a more private and heartfelt setting.

Girona’s mysterious hideouts are spots of serenity as well as any open doors to interface with the city on a more profound level. Whether you’re relishing a calm second in a secret nursery or partaking in a heartfelt supper in a separate eatery, these hideouts offer a remarkable and private viewpoint on the city’s appeal.

Unearth Girona’s Charms with Insider Tips

To genuinely uncover the charms of Girona, you want more than a guide and a manual. You want insider tips – those semi-secret mysteries that local people hold dear. These bits of knowledge will assist you with encountering the city in a manner that goes past the commonplace traveler experience.

One of the most important insider tips is to investigate Girona’s culinary scene with a feeling of experience. While customary Catalan dishes like “paella” and “crema catalana” are famous, make it a point to have a go at something less natural. Adventure into nearby diners and request dishes like “fideuà,” a paella-like dish made with short noodles, or “calcites,” a sort of spring onion regularly barbecued and presented with an exceptional sauce. Investigating the city’s business sectors, for example, the Mercat del Lleó can lead you to stowed-away culinary diamonds where you can taste neighborhood flavors.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you seriously love wine, make it a highlight to investigate Girona’s wineries. The district is known for its development of value wines, and you’ll view as little, family-claimed wineries that proposition wine samplings and visits. Testing nearby wines can be a wonderful and instructive experience.

Girona’s celebrations are one more part of the city that advantages from insider information. While notable occasions like the Temps de Flors (Blossom Celebration) are broadly commended, there are more modest, closer celebrations that local people treasure. Make a few inquiries for data on occasions like the Festes de Sant Narcís, the city’s benefactor holy person, which includes different social and customary exercises.

With regards to investigating the Old Town, wandering past the central avenues and squares is beneficial. Explore the city’s winding rear entryways and find the secret yards, known as “decks,” that are covered behind genuine entryways. These quiet spaces offer a brief look into Girona’s design and verifiable magnificence, and they are frequently ignored by vacationers.

For craftsmanship fans, uncovering Girona’s inventive side requires a visit to nearby exhibitions and studios. Watch out for presentations and occasions that feature crafted by capable neighborhood craftsmen. You could coincidentally find contemporary workmanship that encapsulates the city’s cutting-edge social scene.

The city’s lively nightlife is one more viewpoint that is best investigated with insider tips. While Girona might not have the clamoring nightlife of Barcelona, it has an exuberant and inviting climate in the evening. Local people know the best places for unrecorded music, mixed drinks, and tapas, so feel free to for proposals.

For explorers looking for legitimacy and a more profound association with Girona, drawing in with local people is fundamental. Start-up discussions with occupants, whether in bistros, markets, or workmanship displays. Their bits of knowledge, stories, and proposals can lead you to unlikely treasures and advance your experience of the city.

Hidden Gems of Girona Handbook

Girona’s unexpected, yet invaluable treasures are ready to be found by voyagers anxious to investigate the city’s less popular fortunes. To assist you with capitalizing on your visit, we’ve gathered a handbook that features the best of Girona’s secret charms and gives fundamental data to an enhancing experience.

  1. Nurseries and Yards: Find the rich nurseries, quiet patios, and concealed green spaces that offer a tranquil departure from the city’s hurrying around. From the Nursery of the Alemanys to the Sant Nicolau Square, these spots give snapshots of quietness.
  2. Remarkable Feasting Encounters: Dig into Girona’s culinary world by investigating neighborhood cafés, stowed-away restaurants, and exceptional eating encounters. Taste customary Catalan dishes and culinary manifestations that meld neighborhood flavors with present-day turns.
  3. Insider Social Experiences: Submerge yourself in Girona’s creative and social scene with insider tips on exhibitions, galleries, and occasions. Get the lowdown on where to track down contemporary workmanship, conventional artworks, and social celebrations that local people hold dear.
  4. Outside of what might be expected Attractions: Adventure past the traveler swarms and find off in an unexpected direction attractions that uncover Girona’s real side. Investigate the city’s middle age walls, interesting areas, and calm squares.
  5. Local people’s Top choices: Interface with local people and embrace their number one spots, whether a secret pastry shop serves the best “ensaimada” baked goods or a concealed winery where you can test the best nearby wines.
  6. Disconnected Heartfelt Spots: Reveal heartfelt hideouts that give the ideal setting to a heartfelt night. From roof eateries with all-encompassing perspectives to quiet riverbank walks, these spots are set up for unique minutes.
  7. Craftsmanship and Design: Jump into the city’s imaginative legacy by visiting less popular workmanship displays, authentic tourist spots, and building wonders. Investigate the secret magnificence in Girona’s roads, patios, and verifiable structures.
  8. Neighborhood Celebrations: Get the scoop on Girona’s less popular celebrations and customs. Experience the city’s lively social scene through occasions like the Festes de Sant Narcís or close festivals that uncover the city’s rich social legacy.
  9. Nature Breaks: Find the regular excellence encompassing Girona, from climbing trails to peaceful lakes and woods. Experience the area’s shocking scenes and appreciate snapshots of serenity in nature.
  10. Secret Culinary Fortunes: Relish legitimate Catalan food in secret eateries and markets. This segment of the handbook gives experiences into nearby dishes, market visits, and culinary undertakings that will entice your taste buds.


What is Girona best known for?

Girona is best known for its stunning Old Town, colorful houses along the Onyar River, well-preserved medieval walls, and a rich cultural heritage. The city is also famous for its culinary scene and vibrant festivals.

How do you explore Girona?

Girona is best explored on foot. The city is compact and pedestrian-friendly, allowing you to wander through its charming streets, alleys, and hidden corners. Exploring the Old Town is a must for a comprehensive Girona experience.

Is it worth visiting Girona?

Absolutely! Girona offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. It’s a hidden gem that’s worth exploring, especially for travelers seeking an authentic experience.

How many days should you spend in Girona?

A two to three-day visit is ideal for exploring Girona’s main attractions and hidden gems without feeling rushed. This duration allows you to savor the city’s charm and cultural richness.

Should I stay in Girona or Barcelona?

The choice between staying in Girona or Barcelona depends on your preferences. Girona offers a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere and is ideal for those seeking an authentic Catalan experience. Barcelona, on the other hand, provides a bustling city atmosphere with a wider range of activities and attractions.

Is Girona walkable from the train station?

Yes, Girona’s train station is conveniently located, and the city center is within walking distance. It’s a pleasant stroll that allows you to begin exploring Girona immediately upon arrival.

Is Girona safe to walk at night?

Girona is generally safe to walk at night, but as with any city, it’s advisable to exercise caution, especially in quieter areas. Stick to well-lit streets and be aware of your surroundings.

How much is the train from Barcelona to Girona?

The train fare from Barcelona to Girona can vary depending on factors like the time of day and ticket type. However, it’s an affordable and convenient option for travelers. Be sure to check the current pricing when planning your trip.

Do they speak English in Girona?

While Catalan and Spanish are the primary languages spoken, many people in Girona, especially in the tourist industry, speak English. It’s helpful to learn a few basic Catalan or Spanish phrases to enhance your travel experience.

What are the famous steps in Girona?

The famous steps in Girona are known as “Les Cases de l’Onyar.” They are a row of colorful houses by the river, offering a postcard-perfect view of Girona’s iconic scenery. The steps are a popular spot for photography and admiring the city’s beauty.


In this guide, we’ve uncovered the hidden gems, cultural wonders, and serene hideaways of Girona. From tranquil gardens to culinary delights, art scenes to lesser-known festivals, and natural escapes to hidden culinary treasures, Girona’s charm awaits your exploration. Whether you have a few days or more, this guide equips you to uncover the authentic allure of this enchanting city, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Girona’s unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty is an invitation for travelers to immerse themselves in its timeless charm.