Hotels in Girona Spain- Unveiling The Top 10 Places to Stay

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Explore the enchanting city of Girona, Spain, and discover the best hotels it has to offer. From hidden gems to opulent retreats, we bring you the top 10 hotels. Plan your Girona getaway with expert insights.


Girona, a city in Catalonia, Spain, frequently eclipsed by its more unmistakable neighbor, Barcelona, is an unlikely treasure ready to be found. Known for its rich history, shocking scenes, and an exceptional mix of culture, Girona offers a paramount encounter to explorers from around the world. One of the fundamental components of arranging your visit to this charming city is choosing the ideal locations to remain.

In this article, we will take you on a trip through the vitally 10 lodgings in Girona, each offering a noteworthy experience, whether you’re a bunch of encounters enthusiast, a luxury searcher, or a thrifty pioneer. Oblige us as we research the best of Girona’s offices and find the justification for why this city is a must-visit objective.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Discovering Girona’s Best: Exploring Hotels in Girona Spain
Best Hotels in Girona, Spain for Discerning Travelers
Hotels in Girona Spain: Hidden Gems and Luxury Retreats
Hotels in Girona, Spain: Boutique to Budget Options
Crafting Your Girona Getaway- Finding the Perfect Hotel
Girona’s Charm Unveiled- Top 10 Hotels for Memorable Stays
Elegance Meets Comfort- Revealing Girona’s Top Hotel Picks
Indulgence at Its Best- Exploring Girona’s Opulent Hotels
Traveling on a Budget? Discover Affordable Hotels in Girona, Spain
Dive In! Girona Hotels with Swimming Pools Await Your Stay

Discovering Girona’s Best- Exploring Hotels in Girona Spain

Girona’s Old Town is a treasure trove of historic sites, charming streets, and delightful dining, making it a preferred choice for those who wish to immerse themselves in the city’s history. Staying in this area, you’ll find accommodations often occupying beautifully restored buildings. One standout option is the Hotel Llegendes de Girona Catedral, located right next to the cathedral. It offers an extraordinary verifiable encounter, permitting you to step outside into the city’s rich embroidered artwork of cobblestone roads and exceptionally old engineering.

For the individuals who favor a more contemporary setting, the region around the train station offers a scope of agreeable and helpful lodgings. An excellent example is the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Girona, which provides easy access to the city’s attractions and serves as a practical base for exploring nearby towns and coastal destinations.

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Best Hotels in Girona, Spain for Discerning Travelers

If you are a traveler seeking luxury and top-notch service, Girona has you covered. The city boasts several upscale hotels that cater to the most discerning guests. The AC Hotel Palau de Bellavista is a prime example of elegance meeting comfort.It offers extensive rooms with present day conveniences, an on location café serving flavorful Catalan cooking, and a housetop pool with stunning perspectives on Girona. This is a superb decision for the individuals who need to join solace with style during their visit.

For a more boutique experience, the Hotel Nord 1901 provides an intimate atmosphere with individually decorated rooms, creating a unique and personalized stay. The hotel’s central location makes it an excellent base for exploring the city on foot. Be sure to indulge in a hearty breakfast in the charming courtyard before heading out to explore Girona’s treasures.

Hotels in Girona Spain- Hidden Gems and Luxury Retreats

Beyond the well-known hotels, Girona also offers hidden gems that provide a quieter, more secluded escape. These hotels are often nestled in the scenic countryside surrounding the city, promising a retreat from the hustle and bustle. One such hidden gem is the Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa, a 17th-century farmhouse turned into a luxury hotel. This elegant property boasts beautifully landscaped gardens, a world-class spa, and top-tier dining. It’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of the Girona countryside.

Another hidden gem is the Can Bassa Hotel, set in a converted farmhouse surrounded by vineyards and lush gardens. This charming boutique hotel provides an intimate and serene ambiance, making it a perfect choice for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Hotels in Girona, Spain- Boutique to Budget Options

Girona offers a wide spectrum of accommodations to suit various budgets. Whether you’re a traveler seeking a charming boutique experience or looking for more wallet-friendly options, Girona has it all. The Hotel Historic is a great example of a boutique gem in the heart of the Old Town. It seamlessly blends history with comfort, and each room is uniquely decorated. The hotel’s central location makes it easy to explore Girona’s cultural and culinary offerings.

For those traveling on a budget, the Hostal Alhambra is a family-run guesthouse that provides clean and comfortable rooms without breaking the bank. Its location near the train station makes it convenient for exploring both Girona and its nearby attractions.

Crafting Your Girona Getaway – Finding the Perfect Hotel

Choosing the right hotel is a crucial part of planning your Girona getaway. Consider your preferences and the purpose of your visit. Are you here for history and culture, a luxurious retreat, or simply a comfortable place to rest your head? For history and culture enthusiasts, staying in the Old Town is ideal. The Hotel Llegendes de Girona Catedral, located right next to the cathedral, offers an unforgettable historical experience. As you step outside, you’ll wind up drenched in Girona’s rich embroidered artwork of cobblestone roads and extremely old design.

In the event that you favor comfort and advancement, lodgings close to the train station, like the DoubleTree by Hilton Inn Girona, give simple admittance to the city’s attractions and act as a pragmatic base for investigating close by towns and waterfront objections.

Girona’s Charm Unveiled – Top 10 Hotels for Memorable Stays

Counting down the top 10 hotels in Girona requires a closer look at each unique establishment. Each of these hotels offers something distinctive to enhance your stay in the city.

  • Hotel Historic: A boutique gem in teh heart of teh Old Town, where history meets comfort.
  • Hotel Llegendes de Girona Catedral: Immerse yourself in teh city’s history wif this hotel as your base.
  • AC Hotel Palau de Bellavista: Experience luxury and stunning views at this upscale hotel.
  • Hotel Nord 1901: Discover teh charm of Girona wif a personalized touch at this boutique hotel.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Girona: Modern and convenient, this hotel near the train station offers a practical stay.
  • Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa: Retreat to the countryside for tranquility and relaxation at this luxurious establishment.
  • Can Bassa Hotel: A hidden gem surrounded by vineyards, perfect for a romantic escape.
  • Hotel Carlemany: Enjoy comfort and style in a central location, perfect for exploring teh city.
  • Hotel Margarit: Discover the Old Town’s charm while staying in this well-appointed hotel.
  • Hostal Alhambra: Travel on a budget wifout compromising on comfort at this family-run guesthouse.

Indulgence at Its Best – Exploring Girona’s Opulent Hotels

For travelers with a taste for opulence, Girona offers a selection of hotels that go above and beyond in pampering their guests. These opulent establishments ensure that your Girona experience is not just a journey but a lavish adventure.

  • Hotel Palau de Bellavista: A true icon of luxury, this hotel boasts a remarkable blend of elegance and sophistication. From its rooftop pool, you can gaze at Girona’s stunning Cathedral and the distant Pyrenees. The hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Bo.TiC, is a culinary delight that should not be missed.A shelter for those look for the best things throughout everyday life.
  • Melia Girona: Arranged only a short stroll from the Old Town, the Melia Girona is a safe house of solace and style It features contemporary rooms with all the modern amenities you could desire. The hotel’s peaceful garden area is a perfect spot to relax, and its restaurant offers exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Melia Girona combines modern luxury with the city’s unique charm, providing a memorable experience.

Traveling on a Budget? Discover Affordable Hotels in Girona, Spain

Not all travelers are looking for luxury. Girona caters to budget-conscious travelers as well. You can find cozy and affordable accommodations that offer comfort without putting a strain on your wallet.

  • Hotel Costabella: A family-friendly hotel with a friendly price tag, Hotel Costabella offers clean and comfortable rooms. The outdoor pool is perfect for cooling off on warm Girona days. Plus, the hotel’s restaurant serves up delicious Catalan dishes, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on comfort despite your budget-conscious choice.
  • Hotel Peninsular: Situated in the core of Girona’s architecturally significant area, Inn Peninsular is a spending plan cordial choice with character. It may not offer every one of the laces of its extravagance partners, yet it more than compensates for it with its optimal area and appeal. An astounding decision for those need to be in the core of the activity without burning through every last cent.
Dive In! Girona Hotels with Swimming Pools Await Your Stay

Girona’s Mediterranean climate calls for a refreshing dip during your stay. Several hotels in the city come equipped with swimming pools, adding an extra layer of relaxation and enjoyment to your visit.

  • Hotel Costabella: This family-friendly hotel is not only affordable but also boasts a fantastic outdoor pool where you can unwind after a day of exploring. It’s a perfect spot for families or anyone who loves to take a dip.
  • Hotel Palau de Bellavista: This extravagant inn offers lavishness as well as a dazzling housetop pool with all encompassing perspectives. It’s an ideal spot to loll in the sun while enjoying the city’s magnificence. The mix of extravagance and the pool makes this lodging a safe house for the individuals who look for a really liberal stay.


Is it worth visiting Girona?

Totally! Girona’s rich history, shocking engineering, and dynamic culture make it a beneficial objective. Whether you’re a workmanship fan, a set of experiences buff, or a food darling, Girona brings something to the table for everybody.

What is there to do in Old Town Girona?

Old Town Girona is a treasure trove of historic sites, charming streets, and delightful dining. Don’t miss the Cathedral, Arab Baths, and the picturesque Jewish Quarter. Exploring its narrow alleys is an adventure in itself, revealing the city’s rich history.

Is Girona Lively?

Girona offers a lively atmosphere, especially during festivals and events. However, it also has tranquil spots for relaxation, so you can find the pace that suits you. The city’s blend of liveliness and serenity is one of its charms.

What region is Girona Spain in?

Girona is situated in Catalonia, a locale in northeastern Spain. Catalonia is known for its novel culture, history, and customs, making it an interesting piece of Spain to investigate.

Is Girona expensive?

Girona can be both reasonable and extravagant, contingent upon your decisions. The city takes special care of various spending plans, making it open to a great many explorers. Whether you’re searching for plushness or financial plan amicable stays, Girona has choices for you.

How long would it be a good idea for you to remain in Girona?

A 2-multi day stay is ideal to completely investigate the city’s principal attractions. It gives adequate opportunity to partake in the city’s appeal without feeling hurried, permitting you to drench yourself in its set of experiences and culture.

Does Girona have a beach?

Girona itself doesn’t have an ocean side, yet the Costa Brava shoreline is close by, offering staggering sea shores. A short drive or prepare excursion can take you to probably the most gorgeous waterfront spots in Spain, making it a superb choice for a roadtrip from Girona.

Is Girona walkable?

Indeed, Girona is a walkable city with its minimized downtown area and person on foot cordial roads. A large portion of the city’s attractions are inside strolling distance of one another, making it helpful for investigation. Whether you’re walking around the Old Town or exploring the cutting edge regions, strolling is one of the most outstanding ways of finding Girona’s appeal.

Is Girona a small city?

Contrasted with significant urban areas like Barcelona, Girona is moderately little. In any case, its size adds to its appeal and openness, making it an optimal objective for an unwinding and vivid escape. Girona’s more limited size permits you to investigate it at a comfortable speed, getting to know its little hiding spots.

How to get from Barcelona to Girona via train?

Getting from Barcelona to Girona is simple and fast via train. The excursion requires roughly 38-40 minutes, making it a helpful roadtrip or a brilliant method for interfacing two phenomenal Spanish urban communities. The train ride also provides scenic views of the Catalan countryside, adding to the overall experience of your visit to Girona.


Your excursion to Girona guarantees a mix of history, culture, and regular excellence. Picking the right inn can improve this experience, and our far reaching guide has disclosed the best 10 lodgings, guaranteeing that your visit is just about as charming as the actual city. Plan your visit, investigate the unlikely treasures, and capitalize on this delightful objective. Girona looks for you with great enthusiasm, prepared to make enduring recollections. Whether you look for extravagance, history, or financial plan cordial facilities, Girona has everything, making it an objective that takes special care of each and every voyager’s craving. Thus, gather your packs, and prepare to investigate the enamoring city of Girona, where the at various times flawlessly coincide, offering an extraordinary travel insight for all who visit.