Ashton Meem Net Worth – How Much is Ashton Meem Worth?

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The NFL star Ashton Meem, is one of the top celebrities on social media. Ashton Meem net worth: Ashton Meem is an American businesswoman who has a net worth of $4 million dollars. The athlete has garnered quite a following for his athletic abilities as well as his relationship with fellow NFL star Russell Wilson. But did you know that Meem has a net worth that is more than six times his salary?

Relationship with Russell Wilson

Ashton Meem is a well-known name in the NFL community. She is the former wife of Russell Wilson, a star quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. But before they married, the two had a short high school romance.

Ashton is the daughter of Lang Meem and Molly Meem. She was born in Richmond, Virginia, on September 6, 1987. Before transferring to North Carolina State University, she attended the University of Georgia. At the university, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

When she was an undergraduate, Ashton took an internship in media marketing. Later, she got a full-time job at American Family Insurance. She worked as an art buyer and media marketing assistant. After a few years, she switched to work in advertising operations.

Although they were not married, Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem were in a relationship for over a decade. They stayed together while they were attending college and during their long-distance relationship.

Marriage to Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem’s relationship was a love story that had the potential to be the cutest thing in town. But a year later, they split up.

When they first met, they were both in high school. Ashton went to Georgia, while Russell attended NC State. Despite the distance, they stayed friends and kept in touch. As they got older, they began dating, and they dated for six years.

In 2010, after their graduation, Russell proposed to Ashton, and she said yes. After that, they began getting engaged. They were married in 2012. But in 2014, the two of them separated.

The reason why they split up is not clear. Many fans were unhappy about the breakup. But the two have been keeping their private lives low-profile since then.

While the couple did not have any children together, they have one child in common. Their daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson, was born in April 2017.

Although Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson have divorced, they continue to be in each other’s lives. Ashton is working for an insurance company, while Russell is a professional football player.

Divorce from Russell Wilson

Ashton Meem is the first wife of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. She married him on January 14, 2012, at a country club in Richmond, Virginia. A year later, they split up.

Ashton and Wilson had a long-distance relationship. They were together for almost two years before the couple split. In fact, they had been living separately for several months before they made the announcement of their separation.

Before they decided to break up, they had a brief honeymoon phase. They were photographed at the ESPY awards show and also helped find a lost dog at Marymoor Park. But after they ended their marriage, they went their separate ways without much fuss.

Although the reason behind their split was never made clear, many fans assumed it had something to do with an extramarital affair. It was even suggested that Ashton Meem received a massive payout as part of their divorce settlement.

However, Golden Tate, who was a teammate of Russell’s, denied the allegations. He also claimed that he was not involved in Meem’s divorce.

Social media activity

The social media activity of Ashton Meem is fairly low. She has a private Twitter account and follows 188 people. Her latest post on Instagram was on 15 May. However, it is unclear whether she has any other accounts.

Ashton Meem was born on September 6, 1987. She was raised in Richmond, Virginia. She has an American nationality and brown eyes. She graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

Ashton Meem is an advertising operations assistant. She also worked as an art buyer at McKinney for four months. Afterward, she interned at Lewis Media Partners for three months. During that time, she also worked as a secretary for Lewis Media Partners.

After her divorce with Russell Wilson in 2014, she kept a relatively low profile. The pair’s marriage was a brief affair. They had a long-distance relationship before getting married. In fact, they met in high school. Despite their short-lived marriage, they were deemed cute by their fans.